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  1. Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 9th Edition    [Abbas - Elsevier Science]

    Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 9th Edition [Abbas - Elsevier Science]

    € 69,99

    € 55,99

    The top required and recommended immunology text worldwide, Cellular and Molecular Immunology by Drs. Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. H. Lichtman, and Shiv Pillai, is a clear, well-written, and superbly illustrated introduction to the field. The 9th Edition retains a practical, clinical focus while updating and revising all content to ensure clarity and comprehension, bringing readers fully up to date with new and emerging information in this challenging area. Approfondisci
  2. Cellular and Molecular Immunology International Edition, 9th Edition   [Abbas - Elsevier Science]

    Cellular and Molecular Immunology International Edition, 9th Edition [Abbas - Elsevier Science]

    di ;
    ean: 9780323523240 | Elsevier Science | 2017 | Edizione: 9 | Data pubblicazione: 23/06/2017

    € 33,99

    € 27,19


  3. Immunology for Medical Students, 3rd Edition    [Helbert - Elsevier Science]

    Immunology for Medical Students, 3rd Edition [Helbert - Elsevier Science]

    ean: 9780702068010 | Elsevier Science | 2016 | Edizione: 3 | Data pubblicazione: 01/07/2016

    € 42,99

    € 34,39

    Comprehensive yet concise and easy to read, this updated edition of Immunology for Medical Students effectively explains complex immunology topics and their relevance in clinical practice. Boasting just the right amount of detail for today's busy medical student, it delivers state-of-the-art coverage of the latest scientific and clinical knowledge in the field. Detailed and explanatory illustrations, combined with clinically relevant examples and cases, offer a unique understanding of the human immune system and its role in protecting us from disease. Approfondisci
  4. Roitt's Essential Immunology, 13ed.  Delves Peter J.; Martin Seamus J.; Burton Dennis R.; Roitt Ivan M.  Wiley - Blackwell  9781118415771

    Roitt's Essential Immunology, 13ed. [Delves; Martin; Burton; Roitt - Wiley - Blackwell]

    di ; ; ;
    ean: 9781118415771 | Wiley - Blackwell | 2016 | Edizione: 13 | Data pubblicazione: 31/12/2016
    € 61,00

    Roitt’s Essential Immunology clearly explains the key principles needed by medical and health sciences students, from the basis of immunity to clinical applications. A brand new introduction sets the scene to section 1, Fundamentals of Immunology, introducing the microbial... Approfondisci
  5. Vaccines and Autoimmunity  Shoenfeld Yehuda; Agmon-Levin Nancy; Tomljenovic Lucija  Wiley - Blackwell  9781118663431

    Vaccines and Autoimmunity [Shoenfeld - Wiley - Blackwell]

    € 152,60

    In light of the discovery of Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, Vaccines and Autoimmunity explores the role of adjuvants – specifically aluminum in different vaccines – and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals... Approfondisci
  6. Immunology: A Short Course, 7ed.  Coico Richard; Sunshine Geoffrey  Wiley - Blackwell  9781118396919

    Immunology: A Short Course, 7ed. [Coico - Wiley - Blackwell]

    di ;
    ean: 9781118396919 | Wiley - Blackwell | 2015
    € 58,10

    Immunology: A Short Course, Seventh Edition introduces all the critical topics of modern immunology in a clear and succinct yet comprehensive fashion. The authors offer uniquely-balanced coverage of classical and contemporary approaches and basic and clinical aspects... Approfondisci
  7. How the Immune System Works, 5ed.  Sompayrac Lauren M.  Wiley - Blackwell  9781118997772

    How the Immune System Works, 5ed. [Sompayrac - Wiley - Blackwell]

    ean: 9781118997772 | Wiley - Blackwell | 2015
    € 39,20

    How the Immune System Works has helped thousands of students understand what’s in their big, thick, immunology textbooks. In his book, Dr. Sompayrac cuts through the jargon and details to reveal, in simple language, the essence of this complex subject. In fifteen easy-to-read chapters... Approfondisci
  8. Vaccinology: An Essential Guide  Milligan Gregg N.; Barrett Alan D. T.  Wiley - Blackwell  9780470656167

    Vaccinology: An Essential Guide [Milligan; Barrett - Wiley - Blackwell]

    di ;
    ean: 9780470656167 | Wiley - Blackwell | 2015
    € 108,00

    Vaccinology: An Essential Guide outlines in a clear, practical format the entire vaccine development process, from conceptualization and basic immunological principles through to clinical testing and licensing of vaccines. With an outstanding introduction to the history and practice... Approfondisci
  9. Transplant Immunology  Li Xiang; Anthony M. Jevnikar  Wiley - Blackwell  9780470658215

    Transplant Immunology [Li; Jevnikar - Wiley - Blackwell]

    di ;
    ean: 9780470658215 | Wiley - Blackwell | 2015
    € 87,80

    With all the complex issues of acceptance or rejection of a transplanted organ, immunology is a key subject for all transplantation clinicians. During recent years, there has been an explosion of research and knowledge in this area. Produced in association with the American Society of Transplantation... Approfondisci
  10. Lecture Notes: Immunology, 7ed.  Todd Ian; Spickett Gavin; Fairclough Lucy  Wiley - Blackwell  9781118451649

    Lecture Notes: Immunology, 7ed. [Todd - Wiley - Blackwell]

    di ; ;
    ean: 9781118451649 | Wiley - Blackwell | 2015
    € 36,50

    Immunology Lecture Notes provides a thorough grounding in basic concepts of immunity. Covering the core components of the immunology curriculum at medical school, it presents a concise overview of the immune system, its interactions with pathogens, the major areas of immunopathology... Approfondisci
  11. Behcet's Syndrome. From Pathogenesis To Treatment - Emmi L.  - Springer Verlag Italia - 9788847054769

    Behcet's Syndrome. From Pathogenesis To Treatment

    ean: 9788847054769 | Springer Verlag | 2013
    € 99,99

    Behçet's syndrome can reasonably be considered a unique entity among diseases of the immune system for several reasons: It has specific features and, uniquely among the immune system pathologies, represents a link between autoimmune diseases, systemic vasculitis, and autoinflammatory diseases. In addition, it is of interest to a variety of specialists, including Approfondisci
  12. Vaccinology: Principles and Practice  Morrow W. John W.; Sheikh Nadeem A.; Schmidt Clint S.; Davies D. Huw  Wiley - Blackwell  9781405185745

    Vaccinology: Principles and Practice [Morrow; Sheikh - Wiley - Blackwell]

    € 135,00

    Covering all aspects of vaccine research and development in one volume, this authoritative resource takes a comprehensive and systematic approach to the science of vaccinology focusing not only on basic science, but also on the many stages required to commercialize and navigate... Approfondisci
  13. The Washington Manual of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Subspecialty Consult, 2ed.  Joo Shirley; Kau Andrew  LIPPINCOTT Williams and Wilkins  9781451113679

    The Washington Manual of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Subspecialty Consult, 2ed. [Joo - LIPPINCOTT Williams and Wilkins]

    di ;
    ean: 9781451113679 | LIPPINCOTT Williams and Wilkins | 2012 | Edizione: 2

    € 42,00

    € 37,80

    Prepared by specialty residents, fellows and staff in the Department of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, and reviewed by attending physicians in each field—each volume in this renowned series delivers the on-the-spot help you need... Approfondisci
  14. Immunotherapy in Transplantation: Principles and Practice  Kaplan Bruce; Burkhart Gilbert J.; Lakkis Fadi G.  Wiley - Blackwell  9781405182713

    Immunotherapy in Transplantation: Principles and Practice [Kaplan - Wiley - Blackwell]

    € 209,30

    This comprehensive reference source will benefit all transplant specialists working with pharmacologic and biologic agents that modulate the immune system. Compiled by a team of world-renowned editors and contributors covering the fields of transplantation, nephrology, pharmacology, and immunology, the book... Approfondisci
  15. Immunology, 2ed. International edition  Doan Thao; Melvold Roger; Viselli Susan; Waltenbaugh Carl  LIPPINCOTT Williams and Wilkins  9781451111545

    Immunology, 2ed. International edition [Doan - LIPPINCOTT Williams and Wilkins]

    € 31,00

    € 27,90

    Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Immunology offers a highly visual presentation of essential immunology material, with all the popular features of the series: more than 300 full-color annotated illustrations, an outline format, chapter summaries... Approfondisci

Articoli da 1 a 15 di 29 in totale

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